Viva Colombia!

If you love the tastes of Colombia then you are going to L O V E what has just arrived in our latest container.  After a two week delay with customs on x-ray hold, we breathed a huge sigh of relief when the goods were released and delivered to our Sydney warehouse.  It was a mad rush to offload and fulfil the backorders of deliveries to our retail outlets in time for Christmas, but we succeeded and you can now grab these delicacies at our online store also.

I’ll be honest, as an Argentinean there are a few things that I’m still trying to get to grips with but if you have ever savoured the delicacies of Colombia then you will not be disappointed. 

Ever tried Buñuelos?  These round, fried, cheesy, dough balls made with a distinct, salty, white cheese taste great on their own as a snack and are delicious served with a Natilla.  Our Del Valle premix are an easy way to prepare Buñuelos with speed and ease.  Check it out here – insert link.

Natilla con Panela is a sweet custard dish, similar to dulce de leche in flavour and colour, and is traditionally served during Colombian Christmas gatherings.   Want to make it?  Then check out our Del Valle premix here – insert link.  Thick in consistency, once prepared, it can be cut and eaten with your hands and is delicious with a side of Buñuelos.

And Christmas would not be Christmas without PONY MALTA – insert link.  This delicious, lightly carbonated, non-alcoholic malt beverage has been produced in Colombia since 1953… and it’s good for you too!  An all-natural product providing nutritious energy and hydration, it tastes great served over ice or cold straight from the bottle.

There's lots more so why not ‎browse our online store to see our Colombian goods and our exciting range of other products.