Yerba Mate in Teabags – why?


Drinking Yerba Maté the traditional way is an immensely enjoyable experience but it may not always be appropriate.  Thankfully, Maté in teabags is widely available with most of the main producers of Yerba Mate in loose leaf form manufacturing bags but, what are the advantages?

  1. They’re quick.  Our modern day, busy lifestyles mean we don’t always have the time to sit and prepare Maté in the traditional way.

  2. They’re easy.  There’s no need for all the equipment, no curing, washing and caring for your tools, no Yerba dust scattered everywhere – just a bag, a mug and hot water. 

  3. They’re hassle-free.  Teabags don’t create a mess and you aren’t left with soggy, used tea leaves to dispose of. 

  4. They’re great for beginners.  Yerba Maté in teabag form is less potent than loose leaf with each bag containing around 3g of finely cut Maté so great for novice taste buds.

AND they (sometimes) come with added ingredients!!  Check out our Taragui Vitality Range for some amazing blends of Yerba Maté with green tea and medicinal herbs carefully selected and combined to BOOSTDETOX or enhance WELLNESS.  Produced in “pyramid bags” (pyramid-shaped teabags), this bag variation allows the leaves to expand more than traditional teabags, extracting a wide range of vitamins, minerals, flavours and aromas and consequently, creating a better brew.  And they taste DELICIOUS!


There’s no denying that teabags have been designed to make tea drinking easy and convenient so naturally it makes sense to keep a box of bags in the cupboard but I like to see them as an accompaniment to your loose leaf Yerba Maté – not an alternative.  My first choice of bag is TARAGUI.  Made with 100% Yerba Mate leaves it has an intense and lasting flavour and encompasses the traditional flavour of Yerba Mate.  If you prefer a mild Yerba to the traditional taste, UNION has a smooth, mild and long lasting flavour.  Either way, both options come packed in airtight envelopes which ingeniously prevent the tea from becoming stale before its time and losing its flavour.  And remember, as with loose leaf Yerba Maté, teabags must never be brewed with boiling water or the Yerba will ‘burn’, the health benefits will not be fully extracted, the tea will become bitter and much of its delicate taste and aroma will be lost.